Simikas hopes Liverpool can celebrate 4 championships

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Liverpool left-back Costas Simikas hopes his team will continue to perform well. and has a goal to celebrate every championship

The Reds defeated Norwich 2-1 in the FA Cup round of 16 on Wednesday night. Made the famous ufabet team from Merseyside to reach the quarterfinals successfully.

“Hopefully we can celebrate every trophy, we’ll be committed to every competition, we’ll do our best to celebrate everything.

“It’s all about our mental state. Our Spirit Team We had a big celebration but it was over on Sunday. This list is important as well. Even changing 10 players, we played with the same goal, winning every game.

“Congratulations to all people who are dedicated to the best of their abilities We have a big family, everyone wants to develop. That’s a major challenge.

“We deserve to win. Team spirit is the most important thing. we fight for each other it’s a big family This is the most important thing in a football team. We do our best in every The game is on the field all the time. It’s very important to play well”