Owen warns Singh to be careful of falling out of the top four

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Former England striker Michael Owen has warned Chelsea they could be out of the top four of the Premier League table. After their 1-4 home defeat to Brentford on Saturday. past

         Thomas Tuchel‘s team took the lead early in the second half but concede three goals in just 10 minutes to go 3-1 down before coming on. With another winning streak stopping the score at 59 after 29 games. They are eight points ahead of fifth-placed Spurs. While fourth-placed Arsenal are five points behind and have played a ufabet game less.

         With Brentford’s stunning reaction to the win over Chelsea, Owen told the Premier League. productions that “Who would believe that?”

         “Chelsea were in good form in the league, lost against Brentford, all of a sudden you look at the league table and now you think ‘Can Arsenal catch them?’

         As Sean-Wright Phillips added, “We’re all amazed. I’m still puzzled by it, but Brentford has done a really good job.

‘They made the most of it in those 10 minutes. Right after their third goal we had 10 minutes where we had big, big chances and we missed them.

‘They were lucky and clinical enough to get three goals. We did not defend like it is needed to in the Premier League and got punished.’