Dele Alli has become a social media comedian

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Everton midfielder Dele Alli has become a social media comedian. When given the opportunity to start with the new team, defeated Newcastle 1-3 as a reserve, then it appears that the results are messed up, there is no more England national team claims.

Dele Alli was substituted for Demarai Gray in the 25th minute due to an injury to the team-mate. The position of playing the pair number #10 in the 3-4-2-1 system appears to be a form that is not a pie. Especially in the second half, lack of discipline, defensive games. Contributed to the ufabet team becoming inferior until being knocked out by 2 tablets, losing according to the regulations  

Of course, fans on Twitter couldn’t accept the 25 – year -old’s performance, retweeting Dele, describing him as being in the Hall of Fame of Shame.  

“ Dele Alli is 0/10 , even getting him for free feels robbed , ” commented the @IIGalkEFC account.

“ Dele Alli ‘s debut form is in the Hall of Fame of Shame, ” tweeted @ReagorIsBad .

” Sorry to say this but Dele Allni is useless , ” another Everton fan complained .  

  However , team manager Frank Lampard does not look at individual problems. But it seems that the overall picture is bad because of the lack of confidence.

” Confidence , Confidence It was created and displayed from working on the training ground. We work together for a short time. This needs to be changed as quickly as possible because the team wants a good result. ”